Double DIN Car Stereo – All about Them

If you’re thinking of installing a new car stereo, it’s important to first understand what it is you’re buying and how big it’s going to be when you go to install it into your dashboard? Different cars have different mounting slot sizes, which mean that you may have some trouble actually getting a stereo to fit if you don’t order the right size to begin with. A popular adaptation to traditional car stereo sizes is double DIN car stereos. This article will cover what a double DIN car stereo is and where you can get some of the best deals for them around the web.


DIN, or Deutsches Institut fur Normung, is a German sizing standard that was used to standardize car stereo sizes. It was adopted by the international community in 1984 to be used around the world as the standard measurement that manufacturers would use to build their stereos around.

Single DIN

After the adoption of the DIN standard, single DIN car stereos became the norm. Single DIN stereos come at the predetermined size of 180 x 50 mm panels. Because some stereos are a bit smaller than this size, manufacturers had to start making face plates and mounting plates to accommodate smaller systems. This helps them fit into the single DIN slot just as easily as an actual DIN mount.

Double DIN

Where things get interesting in the world of stereos is when stereo manufacturers started making double DIN stereos. Double DIN’s measure 180 x 100 mm and are essentially twice the height as their counterparts. Double DIN stereos allow for much more control over the system and can spread some of the features of the system out over a much larger interactive surface as opposed to cramming them all into a single DIN sized surface.

Just like with Single DIN stereos, double DIN units don’t generally conform exactly to the size that they should be. To counter this issue, companies issue faceplates and mounting brackets to fill up the extra space of the mounting area so that the streo fits nice and snugly into place without sliding around. A face plate also lets you hide the fact that you have an expensive stereo installed and reduces the risk of it getting stolen.

Pioneer FH-P8000BT: One of the top rated double DIN stereos on Amazon, this particular Pioneer has everything you could ever want out of a stereo unit. In addition to basic CD functionality, the player also has the ability to playback MP3 or WMA CDs that you’ve made yourself. If you own an iPod you’ll be able to take advantage of iPod control on the unit as well as hook up other MP3 players to the back of the unit with the additional USB control. It’s a wonderful piece of equipment that allows for just about any type of music playing you could imagine.

Another great feature even for those not interested in adding a new stereo to their vehicle is the Bluetooth connectivity option. This allows you to conduct phone conversations using your cars existing speaker system. Calls will come in crystal clear through your audio system and you’ll be able to talk to your friends all hands-free. The unit has 4x50W power rating for maximum volume and clarity.

JVC KW-XR610: Coming in a bit cheaper than the Pioneer listed above, this JVC has almost all of the same features as well. One downside that you’ll run into is if you’re not too savvy when you rip your music using iTunes, you’ll notice some issues with the playback of AAC files. MP3 and WMV files play just fine, but iTunes’ native AAC gets no love with this unit, making it a pain to go back and convert all of your music to MP3 files.

Because this stereo may not fit in your car as snugly as a standard double DIN stereo would, JVC has included as sleeve and trim ring to allow you fit it into just about any car. Check with the manufacturer before you buy the product to make sure that it can successfully install in your vehicle, but you shouldn’t have much trouble getting it to work.

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